Arterra Bioscience is an Italian Green Biotech company located in Naples.

Arterra was founded in 2004 by Doctor Gabriella Colucci, after she was back to Italy from a decennial research experience at the University of San Diego California and at the Biotech company Arena Pharmaceuticals. Arterra operates in the field of modern Biotechnology and its major focus has always been the research and development of innovative ingredients and natural solutions. By exploiting the potentialities of living organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, plants and animal cells, Arterra develops products and processes that serve as enabling technologies and that find horizontal application in various industrial sectors such as Cosmetics, Agriculture and Nutraceutics. Today, the Company consists of a team of highly skilled researchers, of which around 50% hold a PhD, and disposes of laboratory spaces extensively equipped with advanced machinery. To develop and produce innovative and high quality products, Arterra features a GMP certified production site. Over the years, Arterra has been selected and funded by 15 Italian and European grants. Moreover, the Company filed several National and International patents and published more than 30 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals.

The major activities and applications carried out by Arterra include:

  • Development of innovative technological platforms, employed in the screening of active compounds for different industrial applications;
  • Setting up of new extraction processes, aimed at improving the sustainability and yield of interesting compounds;
  • Production of innovative and high-tech raw materials with application in different industrial fields.

Over the years, Arterra built a solid collaboration network with private companies, Universities and research institutes all over the world. In 2005 Arterra entered into a comprehensive partnership with Isagro SpA, an Italian company operating in the Agrochemical field. Furthermore, in 2008 Arterra signed a research contract agreement with Intercos SpA, a leading global company operating in the personal care industry. In 2010, Intercos and Arterra created a new joint venture (JV), named Vitalab, focused on the marketing and distribution of innovative natural active ingredients for the cosmetic market.

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